I’m Infected

My head is aching and so is my body. The moment i woke up, i feel the pain. I never thought that i will be sick this day. Luckily, I’m not alone. My cousin, Kriezl, is also sick. She had a flu, hopefully it’s not an AH1N1 flu. Me? I don’t know. I just have fever and cough. I just discovered this when i was at school at around 9:00 a.m. Despite of that, i still attended all my subjects.


I really thought that i will not be able to cooperate in class, faint while listening to the lectures, vomit in front of my professor, etc. But I’ve done all i want to do, e.g. recite in all my subjects, be active, and to BLOG….wahahaha… Maybe it’s just an adrenalin rush.

Wow!!! This day is really very hectic and i miraculously survived. Thanks to myself.

My mom really gave me this VIRUS!!! And she deny this.



  1. kadiri ung virus gif mu.. ahaha hmm… wag mu ko hawaan ah.

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