so high school v1.0.0

i tried to smile
but my heart keeps crying,
i think for a while
but my mind’s not working

I tried to show that i’m strong
but deep inside i’m weak,
i thoght life is just a song
but now that song is just a trick

i tried to live my life
but my life is not worth living
if  you’re not here at my side
my world ceases moving

when you go away
something will be missing
it’s like i’m writing
with no trace of feeling

i pretend that i don’t feel something
something like loving you
i’m so stupid of not showing anything
because, now, it’s too late to love you

if you leave me now
my heart will break into pieces
i hope you realize it somehow
because my love for you never ceases

if you’re not the one whom i deserve
and your love is not for me,
even though i don’t have the nerve
i’d strive harder to prove that i should be.

A saved poem back when i was on HS. Not to mention that my mom burned tons of them. Errrrr…So highschool

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  1. Hey, you’re really a blogger! I also recognized my “improbability” at publishing a book and my “improbability” at getting inside the Rappler Team. So, while several dozens of our acquaintances has achieved so much (as I saw in their LinkedIn’s), I will settle for being a blogger.

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