These days i feel so much lonely. Know why? Because the world seems to conspire against me. My world.

I call it my world because my life has been revolving, or should i say gyrating, on them. This world is infested by everyone, significant and insignificant persons, i love, loved, and used to love.  You are not an exemption.

I always use to understand everyone. I always try to make everyone love me too, but still no one can. I always do everything i can to compensate to what they want. They want this and that, but even how hard it is, i still do it. Even a simple favor that comes from them, i never leave a chance of undoing. Well, in turn what do i get? I get nothing. Sometimes i got to take their wrath.

I used to be happy when i’m in this world. But now it’s getting colder. As cold as hell.

Whenever it talks, i listen. When i talk, it turns it’s back. That’s why i need you. But then nowadays, i feel too much rejection. Your making so much excuses that invisibly rejects me. For example, you always say that you’re busy. Me too, i’m busy, everyone is busy, and i don’t make it as an excuse. However, i should be the one to understand.

I need you really need you. I need a friend. I can’t do this by myself — i can’t face these problems alone.

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