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so sweet

It was quite overwhelming to hear from others that they like me. It’s very heartwarming to know that you are special for them. In the midst of something so sad, they stand beside you to cheer you up. Even though the sad feelings can’t go away, it means a lot for us to know that they are there for us.

But we should also beware of our friends. Since you kinda love them, they can also hurt your feelings. And in turn, we also hurt them. We are not aware of this but it’s true. There’s always a  big question on “why do we always hurt the one we love?”.

Another thing, friends do come and go. You can be friends for a long time and then, one day, they’re gone. You can’t blame them because they also have other friends. And there will came a time that they will neglect you. So is it really true that friendship is forever? What stands true forever is “Nothing in this world is permanent”.

I can aways hear from others thatno man is an island. As i can see, everyone can live alone, they’re just afraid to. It’s just a feeling from us that we can’t because we are so scared to live alone. It feels good if we have company though. But still “Every man is an Island”.

Me? It’s alright for me if i live alone. I am used to loneliness. It’s also okey for me if i had tons of friends. But i really need a friend that will stand at my side forever.

Right now, there are persons that say that they are my friends. Yes, they are. But i’m afraid that they will go away someday. (There’s no hierarchy here or whatever, all of them are equal)

Siongky – This dude is really awesome. He’s my classmate since first year college. He’s my best friend in school. When i’m sad, even if i’m so shy to tell it to him, i just fool around with him. I feel so crazy when we’re together. He’s really great because he helps me a lot an ordinary friend can’t do. He’s also so much in-love with charity. That’s why everybody likes him.

Camille – She’s Siongky’s girl-friend…Hehe…friend that is a girl. She’s a San Lorenzo (working) scholar. She’s assigned at the serials section of the UST main library. She has been my PEmate when i was in first year college. She’s also my classmate in NSTP (CWTS). She’s good to me even if sometimes she’s cruel. She gave me Criselle’s cellphone number.

Criselle – I’ve still known little about her. She’s a Santo Tomas (full ) scholar. We’re still strangers to each other but she showed kindness to me. She believes that i’m a good person though i’m not. Haha. She’s also sweet. I haven’t tasted her but she’s so sweet.

Ate Dimple – She’s my cuz’s classmate. She helps me whenever i have a problem. She gave me advice. She’s the one who talks to me whenever she sees me alone at school.

Karlo – He’s my former classmate. But we we’re reshuffled. Anyhow, he became a good companion.

Kat – She’s also a scholar. She’s working at the social science section of the UST main library. She has done so many favors for me. I really appreciate her effort.

Kuya Mikko – He is a third year political science student. He always sought advice to me about heart problems even if i’m not doctor love. Well, i think i kinda helped him. So in turn, he also give his advice whenever i have problems.

What i really want is friendship that lasts forever and will stand the test of time. I don’t want them to go like anybody else does. But if they leave me, if that makes them happy, i’ll just be happy for them.

These are some friends that i have right now (if they also consider me friend). I know that there are still more people that consider me a friend. So if you think that you must be included here, feel free to contact/notify me. Or you can leave a comment on this post. Thank you. 🙂