Talking to her hand

If i tell it, would you care to listen???

Would you believe me???

Would you still be my friend???

I won’t tell how much i love you.

I won’t tell it, I’ll just let you notice it.

I know it’s obvious and i know you knew it.

I won’t tell it until you read this page.

And when you do, i hope you’ll understand.

I hope you’ll comprehend.

And the worst, I hope you feel the same way too.


  1. Aww… This is so sweet. I just wish that someone suddenly reads this blog post. Ayiiiii…. XD XD

    • haha…this page is still experimental. I still need to edit and update this post from time to time. there are many things i want to include in this post but i’m still finding the right words to say. because words alone cannot capture the essence of what i really feel about her.

  2. zeishi Said:

    kewL.. 😀

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