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I’m Not Sad, Not Even Happy

Last day, Jamee, for a very very long time, texted me. Well, she’s the one who made it a point that it’s better for us to stop talking to each other, so i had no choice but do what she wants. I was compelled to do it. However, she’s the one who texted first. She said “penge naman kausap. pls. ;-(“. That time i think it’s just a GM or a wrong send.

Lately, i called her on her cellphone. Though i’m not responding to her, she said hello? Ralph…hello? huy, bakit ka malungkot?…hello?, then i finally anwered hello, hindi ako malungkot, sige bye”, then ended it.

I didn’t expect that she’ll ask why am i sad that time. I’m not sad, i just called her!

Then she texted me just to follow up. She asked me why. I didn’t answered her question, despite, i just said that her voice doesn’t change. Then a lot of texts followed after that.

On the afternoon, i had been awaken by a call. When i look at my phone, to my surprise, i saw her name… Wow! She’s calling me… Then i answered but she doesn’t speak. I thought she’s doing what i did to her. So i texted her but there’s no response.

Now, I’m happy because we’re okay… But i’m sad because we’re still not that okay.