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O God, Please Forgive Me

Oh God, I'm SorrySorry most divine and holiest one. You are the greatest being. The infinite and immortal one. My God and the God of all. Sorry. I really am. It’s because i really don’t like your subjects. Subjects like Religion, Theology, Christian Ethics, etc. make me puke.

I don’t get the point why do we need to study our own faith and why is faith taught. I mean, is faith needed to be taught? We have our own beliefs and we don’t know who’s belief is the correct one.

Say, for example, the catholics are the only one allowed to be in heaven because they are the only one who has the right belief.  Those who are Buddhist, Shintoist, Islams, etc. can’t go to heaven.

And i think that’s stupid. Can they just let us believe what we want to believe as long as our belief doesn’t afflict anyone? I hate the subjects, and the curriculum even more.

I know what i believe and i will always hold on to it. My faith is strong so, for me, no one has the right to mold or shape it. Only God has the right to tell me what is the truth and the way.

Again, I’m so sorry.