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50 questions: unfinishe,d

1. Whole name?

– Cheriza Eve Santiago Nayal

Wow! Such a nice name…seriously, It’s so beautiful. 🙂

Che…it’s not your name that matters…it’s your personality.

2. Status?

– Single

Like me??? Hehe…

But i know you’ll have someone someday, which is not me — of course — that will be your better half.

3. Favorite color?

– Gray, because it reflects her personality

Light black or dark White? She answered, Light Black. Actually, i also like gray, because, for me, it’s the color of death. Light Black in my opinion, entails that in every darkness, there is light. I’m glad you chose that. I told you that my favorite color is brown. Brown because almost nobody likes brown. Brown doesn’t connotes anything for me but earth. I don’t think that earth is blue nor green, i think it’s brown. I don’t know, it’s just my own opinion.

4. Philosophy in life?

– Pass

Fine! If you won’t give any answer, neither do i! But i know you have one. You just don’t like to tell it OR you just can’t express it. Everyone has their own philosophy, it serves as their guide in living. I know you’re an emo, so perhaps your philosophy in life must be “life is pain”.  It’s painful for you because you think that nobody understands you;everyone misinterprets your actions. You know, nobody understands me too like the way you think about youself. You too don’t understand me the way i don’t understand you. But i tell you, I understand how it feels how to be not understood like you.

5. Define love.

– Unexplainable.

But still you can somehow defined it…Right? So it means that love is a noun for you, not a verb. That’s why you’re so afraid to express your feelings to someone because the way you define love is through abstraction. I don’t want to psychoanalyze you but i sort of done it. haha. Sorry.

6. What is the meaning of life?

Mahirap i-explain – still doesn’t discover the true meaning of it.

But you don’t mean that life iws meaningless, you mean that life has meaning but still not discovered. It is by living to know the real meaning of it. I don’t know the meaning of life, and so is its purpose.

7. Favorite flower?

– Pink rose

Why pink and why rose? Why pink rose? Maybe because it’s a mixture of white and red. White means purity and cleanliness of intentions and red for intenseness of the  burning fire of love…Put it together, too much love of a pure heart???

8. Favorite food?

Kahit ano

But you are not a cannibal, i guess. Even if you ate me up alive.

Jam said, your favorite is siomai…you don’t eat it, you “devour” it.

9. Hobbies?

– Eating, watching TV, self-seeking.

10. In what way do you want to be courted?

– The traditional way…better kung mag-compose ng songs and poems for her.

YOU ARE ASKING FOR TOO MUCH!!! Haha…just kidding. If i would court a girl, i will make a song for her, sing it in front of her even if i don’t have such a nice voice and i’m so much out of tune. I don’t care if she will laugh at me, i just want to make her feel happy.

11. How do you love?

Hindi pinapakita, but deep inside bigay todo.

I can’t imagine how is that.

12. Favorite songs?

– Stars – callalily, runaway – the corrs, i never loved you anyway – the corrs.

13. How many BF’s did you have?

– 2 flings + 1 semi-serious = 3 BF’s

Player ka pala eh!How i wish to be one of them.

14. Favorite place in the house?

– Bedroom.

15. Describe youself in 3 words.

– Simple, moody, pasaway.

Yes you’re simple and moody and SO MUCH pasaway!I think you’re not moody, because you said that whatever you said you will stand for it no matter what. But you said you can take back all the things that you have said. You are contradicting youself.

16. In what way do you want to die?

– No answer – afraid to die.

I pity you..Hehe…Joke…If i would die, i want to die because of someone. If someone let go of my life, i will commit suicide. I prefer death than living alone, or with somebody else, without that someone. I know you know why.

17. How does one make you happy?

– Just be honest to her.

Thanks, i’m one of your happiness.

18. How does one make you sad?

– Being fooled and pinapaasa.

Luckily, you found me. I won’t fool you.

19. How do you know that you’re in love?

Basta darating na lang sa buhay niya na sasabihin niya sa sarili niya na fallen na siya.

20. If you, your BFF and your BF are in an empty island, who would you kill for food?

– She’ll kill herself and bahala na lang sila magpatayan sa pagkain sa kanya.

I thought you’re afraid to die, why would you kill yourself? Don’t kill yourself, the three of you will also die. Your BFF and BF loves you, if you’re gone, they have no reason to live. They will also kill themselves. As an advice, kill your BF…I’m not being bitter, if your BF loves you, he will die for your own good. Anyway, killing youself is too impossible. Both of them will not let you.

21. What is your greatest fear?

– Failures.

So it means that you can’t accept failures? That’s life, Che, you don’t succeed all the time. Life is a game that one loses by not playing.

22. How many children do you want to have in the future?

– 4 children will be fine.

I can give you that…Haha…Peace man!

23. Have you experienced to love a stranger?

– Maybe.

24. Greatest achievement?


25. Favorite Sport?

– Table tennis and Basketball.

26. Favorite subject?


Why? Because you don’t want to study?

27. BFF?


I hope It’s me.

28. Among all the senses, which one is the most important for you? Why?

– Eyes/sight – because truth can be seen through the eyes.

Life is a lie! Things doesn’t seem as they used to be. The first appearance decieves many; the intelligence of a few perceives what has been carefully hidden. — from my english term paper

What I’m trying to say is that truth is often not seen. We don’t need to use our eyes to see that greatest truth. We just have to open our hearts and try to feel it. That’s why i chose the sense of touch.

29. If you will kiss me, where and why?

– Forehead – as a sign of respect.

Eeeewwww…Forehead? Can you please don’t respect me?

30. Favorite pet?

Wala – she hate animals.

31. Favorite number?

– 08 and 09

Something remarkable here is the zer0 before each number. Why is there a zer0 there? What is it for?

32. What are the characteristics of a person that attracts you?

– Brave, honest and has no vices.

Haha…You are just describing me.

33. Are you in-love right now? with whom?

– Maybe – Mark – 1st year Pol Sci.

Ouch! my heart was crushed.

34. Ano nagustuhan mo sa kanya?

– She don’t know – just realize that she likes him.

Ouch pa din.

35. In what way could she express her feelings to him?

– She’ll just wait for that guy to express first his feelings to her.

Ouch talaga!!!

36. Craziest thing you did?

– None.


37. Will you take care of my heart?

– jjghyetdh – Such a weird answer.

Do I need to die? tell me?

38. Why do boys are not contented with one girl?

– *This is addressed to me*

Madaya, ako lang yung pwede sumagot nito.

39. If we will have a son, what name would you give?

– Mahirap mag-isip ng name lalo na pag rush.

I thought makaka-ganti na ako, hindi rin pala.


– ?????

Why did you forget this question? What’s wrong with you?

41. Where would you want to be on your first date?

– Secret.

Haha…You said,”It’s for you to find out.” So you think i should date you? Yes I will, soon…

42. What is your weakness?

– Temptations and people pulling her down.

You can’t resist temptation, however, you resist me. Nakaka-tampo ka naman. i wish someday you’ll learn to say yes to me. Because everytime i talk to you, you always say no. Nevertheless, i’m the one who always understand your REASONS.

We decided to make the 50 questions a hundred. Then we decided to make it infinite.