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This is not an original post. I’ve just seen this post at everybody’s page so please pardon me for committing plagiarism.

While reading friend’s post, friend’s friend post, and post from other people not related to me, i accidentally saw this pics. At first, it seems so strange, but when i look at it at the second time ( and read it also), i realize that it was funny. Yeah! It seems kinda corny, but it’s fun.

Pano nga ba kung kung may FB (Facebook) na noong araw?

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…pati na rin nung panahon ng KKK?…


My apologies

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated my account. I promised not to let my wordpress account be the same as my friendster, multiply, myspace, facebook, YM, etc. accounts that i rarely updated or even opened. Whew! at last, these fingers worked. It clicked and typed just to tell you that I’ll keep my promise until this month (or even until this year, it depends on the situation). It worked for you just to say that I’m sorry because i can’t post regularly because of my very hectic and toxic schedule.

Sorry to all my followers, fans, supporters, etc. (if there are any..haha 🙂 )

another kat? hehe. katrina avila



Nothing special about her. She just send these while we are chatting on yahoo messenger. haha. She’s not cute. Mind you, she had a crush on me!!!! Wahahaha.

this one’s for you

I’m gonna draw a picture,
a picture with a twist.
I’ll draw it with a razor.
I’ll put it in my wrist.


top 5 persons i want to meet in hell

I don’t know where my soul (if i have one) would go after i die. However, it is more likely to go to hell. Just in case i’m right, i want to see some persons there. So here they go.

5. Hitler


He’s an idol. He rules…right?

4. Nero


Did he really burned Rome?

3. Michael Jackson

new-michael-lookSorry guys, but if in case we meet in hell, I’ll be the happiest person on hell.

2. Brit

Britney_spearsShe’s not yet dead but we will meet there…we’ll just wait for each other.


pgmaI have no hard feelings for her. In fact, i like her. haha

I’m Not Sad, Not Even Happy

Last day, Jamee, for a very very long time, texted me. Well, she’s the one who made it a point that it’s better for us to stop talking to each other, so i had no choice but do what she wants. I was compelled to do it. However, she’s the one who texted first. She said “penge naman kausap. pls. ;-(“. That time i think it’s just a GM or a wrong send.

Lately, i called her on her cellphone. Though i’m not responding to her, she said hello? Ralph…hello? huy, bakit ka malungkot?…hello?, then i finally anwered hello, hindi ako malungkot, sige bye”, then ended it.

I didn’t expect that she’ll ask why am i sad that time. I’m not sad, i just called her!

Then she texted me just to follow up. She asked me why. I didn’t answered her question, despite, i just said that her voice doesn’t change. Then a lot of texts followed after that.

On the afternoon, i had been awaken by a call. When i look at my phone, to my surprise, i saw her name… Wow! She’s calling me… Then i answered but she doesn’t speak. I thought she’s doing what i did to her. So i texted her but there’s no response.

Now, I’m happy because we’re okay… But i’m sad because we’re still not that okay.

Katrina Untivero…

katrina untiveroKatrina Untivero, or simply ‘Kat’, is a 1st year commerce student in the University of Santo Tomas. She’s a San Lorenzo Ruiz scholar (working scholar). She always have a duty from Monday to Friday, every morning, in the social science section, 3rd floor of the main library.

Everytime i go to the library i always saw her. Maybe she’s just so cute that’s why she can always get my attention easily.

Yesterday, i really decided to talk to her but she’s gone. So i then decided to get out of the library and go home. Little did i know that she has gone to Ministop convenience store to buy some food. So we accidentally met…Haha…That’s destiny. Then i simply talked to her and get her number.

At that night, i made a very stupid thing. Fortunately, an angel saved me from the very horrendous consequences of my stupidity. And that angel is Kat. We decided to meet at the next day — which is today.

Lately, we met. I thought she’ll stood me up. I’ve waited for so long. Not to mention that i hate waiting because it’s my phobia, the thing which I’m so afraid to do. At least we’ve met and i’ve got what i want. What’s the thing that i want? Secret…

Then took a lunch and talk about life and that’s all. Hope we have a CLOSURE. yeah that’s what i mean, closure.


O God, Please Forgive Me

Oh God, I'm SorrySorry most divine and holiest one. You are the greatest being. The infinite and immortal one. My God and the God of all. Sorry. I really am. It’s because i really don’t like your subjects. Subjects like Religion, Theology, Christian Ethics, etc. make me puke.

I don’t get the point why do we need to study our own faith and why is faith taught. I mean, is faith needed to be taught? We have our own beliefs and we don’t know who’s belief is the correct one.

Say, for example, the catholics are the only one allowed to be in heaven because they are the only one who has the right belief.  Those who are Buddhist, Shintoist, Islams, etc. can’t go to heaven.

And i think that’s stupid. Can they just let us believe what we want to believe as long as our belief doesn’t afflict anyone? I hate the subjects, and the curriculum even more.

I know what i believe and i will always hold on to it. My faith is strong so, for me, no one has the right to mold or shape it. Only God has the right to tell me what is the truth and the way.

Again, I’m so sorry.


I’m Scared Again

Last Saturday, i attended my very interesting P.E. which is Social Dancing. It was so fun. I don’t know how to dance but i enjoyed dancing every time i attend this P.E. The scary part? My partner…WTF!!! She’s really scary. Not just because of her face, she’s scary because of her attitude and morbid thoughts. She looks like a mild monster with a very monstrous attitude. Yeah, more likely to be an “ogre. I don’t know how can i survive this whole semester having her as a partner. She’s the girl unthinkable and have wouldn’t even exist in my so brilliant mind.

At first, she’s really in to me. As the classes goes by, i made it obvious that I’m really not happy having her as a partner. And the result was really good! Her heart was broken and she made a point that she also don’t want to be my partner. No I’m not bad, I’m just being honest that time. Another theory of mine have been proven.

My next theory that will be tested states that ” she will be forced to find another partner“. And if she does, i will be the happiest person on earth.

Well, so much for despising that person. BTW, her name is Kelly. I don’t know her whole name and i don’t know if it’s her real name or not. Mind you, I’m not bad, I’m just being honest okay?

I’m Scared

scaredScaredy Cat

Since the first day of classes, I always find some of my new classmates, especially my seatmates, scary…literally and figuratively scary. They are scary because i can imagine something on their faces. I know it’s bad to think that way but they really are scary. Not ‘ugly’, ‘SCARY’

Everyday i always go through with it. I don’t know why I’m thinking this way. Their faces are so-so but still intimidating for me.

Okay, i will include their nicknames so that they will know that I’m scared because of them. They are: Angelie, Nichelle, Marianne, and the girl in my left side that always unintentionally fell her things. Wow, they really scare me to death!

In the case of Marianne, when you look at her, she’s not really scary. In fact she has a very angelic face. She’s white, cute, small, and the like. I’m scared of her because of her terrorist ate. The reason why i’m scared of her and her ate? I’m not telling.

I don’t know how to deal with my feelings, but i must not be like this forever. They are my classmates so i must love them wholeheartedly even though i can’t.

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