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Forcing myself to love me

You’re born crying, you’ll also die the same way…

You’re born to cry.

Everything is made to be broken…even your heart…

You always wake up alone. Even if you’ll find someone to be with that day, at the end of the day, you still end up being alone. Then you’ll wake up the same way…

I have no choice but to love myself, because if I don’t…nobody will.

I hate to love myself. This is F-ing BS.


today, aug 14 2010, by the power i invested to myself, i declare that all of my posts will be open to public.

gees. no more passwords in some selected post.

no more secrets.

Now i looooooove SNSD


So Nyuh Shi Dae a.k.a. Girls’ Generation a.k.a. SNSD

Now i love this group, 2nd to Wonder Girls. They are really good at dancing and singing, plus they have a very beautiful leader, Taeyeon.


And her members….Seohyun.


and Jessica


and the other members are…



and Sunny


and Yuri


and Hyoyeon


and Yoona


and lastl, Sooyoung


Together they are the Girls’ Generation (SNSD)


My apologies

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated my account. I promised not to let my wordpress account be the same as my friendster, multiply, myspace, facebook, YM, etc. accounts that i rarely updated or even opened. Whew! at last, these fingers worked. It clicked and typed just to tell you that I’ll keep my promise until this month (or even until this year, it depends on the situation). It worked for you just to say that I’m sorry because i can’t post regularly because of my very hectic and toxic schedule.

Sorry to all my followers, fans, supporters, etc. (if there are any..haha 🙂 )

this one’s for you

I’m gonna draw a picture,
a picture with a twist.
I’ll draw it with a razor.
I’ll put it in my wrist.


Fast Forward


This week is very hectic. I think i need to wind up. I don’t want to stop the time, nor revert it back. I want to fast forward it. I want to see the future. I want to see and experience what’s happening next year. I want to escape this present time that will become a ‘past’ tomorrow. And tomorrows that will become ‘past’ to the following more tomorrows.

Hahaha…My blog today is very terrible and nonsense. I really need to study this time because all of my subjects, even minor subjects, are very demanding. No time for blogging this time. But miraculously, I posted a blog.


Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!