*this video has no connection with my blog, i just want you to listen — not watch –to this while reading my post. hehe*

These days, i feel quite indisposed. Whenever i feel lonely i feel so sick. To be honest, you made me kinda lonely, so i got sick. 😦 I felt that because you didn’t spill the truth when we first met. Little did i know about those things you had had. All that i thought is that you want me too and i have a hope from your mutual love. Weren’t you aware? But that’s what you really made me feel. Please don’t tell me that you’re just being “so” friendly.

You said that you’re not angry at me, it’s just your BF. WTF???

Your dad and your BF exaggeratedly guards you. I understand why your dad does that, what i don’t understand is in the part of your BF. Why would he do such thing? He’s strangling you! If I’m the one who’s in his shoes, i won’t do that. I will give you the freedom that you deserve. You deserve trust.

I’m so crazy because i love you. So crazy that i will be willing to be your third party, your other guy. But it would be okay if not. If you really love him and you’re really loyal to him, i have no choice but to be happy for you. I like you Kat… All i want is for you to be happy. ü

Honestly, you made me feel so happy. So happy that i almost forgot everything, even my past love. It was the my very first love and i can’t move on. I can’t get her out of my mind. everything i do was dedicated for her. But when we’re together, my mind was liberated from the bondage of her thoughts. Please don’t leave me. I still need you. Please help me move on. Please let me get over her.

Mind you, i didn’t post this blog to persuade you. I just want to inform you so that you’re aware of my feelings. So that you won’t hurt other feelings anymore. Haha…andrama… XD

This page is exclusively made for you. Only you has the right to open this page so please don’t spoil the trust that i gave to you. Please don’t let anyone else know this okay? 🙂

I also want to know your feedback/response/reaction. Feel free to leave a comment. Thanks. ü>


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