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top 5 crushes

Many people are asking who the hell are my crushes, so i’ll just give it a kick this time. I’ll give some of the girls that i like. I know that they don’t like me and they won’t even care to know me. They don’teven  know that i exist. In return, i don’t even like to know them in person because I’m “teh l33t” than them. haha.

5. Scarlett Johanson

scarlett johanson

4. Anne Hathaway

anne hathaway

3. Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere

2. Megan Fox




P.S. – This post is not a porn. Some pics may seem so hot for you, but this page, especially me, is wholesome. I repeat, i am “teh eholesome” and “teh l33t”.

top 5 persons i want to meet in hell

I don’t know where my soul (if i have one) would go after i die. However, it is more likely to go to hell. Just in case i’m right, i want to see some persons there. So here they go.

5. Hitler


He’s an idol. He rules…right?

4. Nero


Did he really burned Rome?

3. Michael Jackson

new-michael-lookSorry guys, but if in case we meet in hell, I’ll be the happiest person on hell.

2. Brit

Britney_spearsShe’s not yet dead but we will meet there…we’ll just wait for each other.


pgmaI have no hard feelings for her. In fact, i like her. haha

top 5 korean celebs

5. epik high

Epik High Members

  • Tablo (Sun-Woong Lee) (English name: Daniel Armand Lee)
  • Mithra Jin (Jin Choi)
  • DJ Tukutz (Jung-Shik Kim)

this boy band has a great voice and they arevery good in rapping. i like their songs. some of my favorite on their songs are ‘fan’, ‘one minute, one second’, ‘one’, etc.


threesome huh???


4. IU a.k.a. Lee Ji Eun (이지은), IU (아이유)

Nothing much i know about her; she’s not that famous…haha…i just saw her performance on “music bank’ on KBS World yesterday night. she had a very childish voice and it makes me laugh…haha(like this)…however, her voice is still charming though.


childish face too! right???


3. boa

i don’t know she’s included in my top 5, i only like her songs…i’m not saying that she’s not beautiful, i just don’t feel her beauty — she’s not my type. she has a high definition voice though. if she joins american idol, i think, she’ll win…hahaha


i’ll change my statement…she’s verybeautiful..hahaha


2. hara

actually, i don’t like the girl group where she belongs, but for the sake of my BELOVED COUSIN (eksi), she’ll be my top 2…haha

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1.  ahn so hee

Stage name: So Hee 소희
Full name: Ahn So Hee 안소희
Birthdate: June 27th, 1992

she is amember of the korean girl group wonder girls. i like her because she’s the cutest among the other members of that group.