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My cousin, Kriezl, had a very ugly suitor, Ezekiel. They were both 1st year students and they belong to only one section. He gave Kriezl Nintendo DS, teddy bears and stuff toys. He always texts her, telling her that he loves her and would propose to her everyday. All those things that he did  are so annoying…Haha, we were all annoyed.

One night, we decided to dump him. The next day, because he got dumped, he says foul words to us. He says threatening words to us, cursing us, especially Kriezl. That time we knew that he really don’t love Kriezl.

If you really love a person, no matter what happens, you won’t revenge to that person by just not loving you back. And just a tip for that bastard, “humanap ka ng pangit (like you) at ibigin mo ng tunay.” We hope that you’ll live happily ever after.

It reminds me of my 1st year in high school. I had two suitors (hehe…I’m not lifting my own chair), KC and Jennifer. Both of them are my batchmate; they belong to lower sections. Kc is the good one, she’s quite cute, and she gave me a ring. However, i don’t like to be in a relationship that time so i refused her. Jennifer, on the other hand, is the obnoxious one. She always text me love quotes, etc. She’s sooooo ugly and i don’t like her so i dumped her. Then the following days i heard that there are rumors about me in our school. They said that Jennifer’s the one that disseminate those rumors. She’s telling everyone lies behind my back. What a cruel revenge right? Until we’re 4th year high school, she still kept on gossiping about me. I confronted her. Then she still doesn’t stop.Now, i have no idea where the hell she is and if the rumors about me (or us) died.

I abhor those people who can’t accept that they have been refused by somebody. Those people are psychotic maniacs. I mean no harm to them but they are now getting into my nerves. Why would they revenge if they love that person?

If you love someone, don’t expect something in return. And to those guy’s, ” Please don’t mess up with us AGAIN.”