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I’m Infected Part 2

Until now i have a fever and it is confirmed that i have a flu. However, i feel better now.

The doctor advised me to absent but I’m really stubborn. I’m here at school but I’m not on my room though. haha.

My friend Ralph Sy asked me a while ago if we could do our research paper and journal critique on math time. So i agreed and persuaded him to extend it until pol sci time. WOW! I’m such a BAD INFLUENCE. Anyhow, we still do what we are supposed to do and we are doing it right now while I’m blogging.

I have no plans of attending my classes this day. This is my first time of cutting-classes and i really DON’T LIKE it.

So, back to my own business.

I’m Infected

My head is aching and so is my body. The moment i woke up, i feel the pain. I never thought that i will be sick this day. Luckily, I’m not alone. My cousin, Kriezl, is also sick. She had a flu, hopefully it’s not an AH1N1 flu. Me? I don’t know. I just have fever and cough. I just discovered this when i was at school at around 9:00 a.m. Despite of that, i still attended all my subjects.


I really thought that i will not be able to cooperate in class, faint while listening to the lectures, vomit in front of my professor, etc. But I’ve done all i want to do, e.g. recite in all my subjects, be active, and to BLOG….wahahaha… Maybe it’s just an adrenalin rush.

Wow!!! This day is really very hectic and i miraculously survived. Thanks to myself.

My mom really gave me this VIRUS!!! And she deny this.