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Fast Forward


This week is very hectic. I think i need to wind up. I don’t want to stop the time, nor revert it back. I want to fast forward it. I want to see the future. I want to see and experience what’s happening next year. I want to escape this present time that will become a ‘past’ tomorrow. And tomorrows that will become ‘past’ to the following more tomorrows.

Hahaha…My blog today is very terrible and nonsense. I really need to study this time because all of my subjects, even minor subjects, are very demanding. No time for blogging this time. But miraculously, I posted a blog.


I’m Infected Part 2

Until now i have a fever and it is confirmed that i have a flu. However, i feel better now.

The doctor advised me to absent but I’m really stubborn. I’m here at school but I’m not on my room though. haha.

My friend Ralph Sy asked me a while ago if we could do our research paper and journal critique on math time. So i agreed and persuaded him to extend it until pol sci time. WOW! I’m such a BAD INFLUENCE. Anyhow, we still do what we are supposed to do and we are doing it right now while I’m blogging.

I have no plans of attending my classes this day. This is my first time of cutting-classes and i really DON’T LIKE it.

So, back to my own business.

I’m Infected

My head is aching and so is my body. The moment i woke up, i feel the pain. I never thought that i will be sick this day. Luckily, I’m not alone. My cousin, Kriezl, is also sick. She had a flu, hopefully it’s not an AH1N1 flu. Me? I don’t know. I just have fever and cough. I just discovered this when i was at school at around 9:00 a.m. Despite of that, i still attended all my subjects.


I really thought that i will not be able to cooperate in class, faint while listening to the lectures, vomit in front of my professor, etc. But I’ve done all i want to do, e.g. recite in all my subjects, be active, and to BLOG….wahahaha… Maybe it’s just an adrenalin rush.

Wow!!! This day is really very hectic and i miraculously survived. Thanks to myself.

My mom really gave me this VIRUS!!! And she deny this.


First Day Fiasco

Yesterday, June 17, is my first day of being a 2nd year student in the University Of Santo Tomas. I didn’t imagine that things will work differently…i mean, weirdly. At first i was so happy because I’m a second year college. I like the idea that i survived the cruel sufferings of the first year. But mind you, “I AM NOT EXCITED TO GO TO SCHOOL”. I want to extend my vacation.

I woke up having a headache. Not to mention that i slept only 5 hours. Then it’s nearly 8:00 a.m. when i decided to take a shower. when i’ve gotten into the bathroom, of course, i turned the faucet and discovered that there’s so water coming out of it. So i have no choice but to wait until there will be water. I’ve waited until 9:45 but still there’s no water. i don’t know what to do, i thought i will go to school without taking a bath. Haayyzz, luckily the landlady of our dorm offered her bathroom for us to take a bath. Because I’m so shy, i just fetch 2 pails of water from their bathroom. At least i took a bath.

At school, i saw my new former classmates (they’re my classmates last year until now, now we were reshuffled. As usual i got pissed of by just seeing some of them. I’m quite insecure on some of those guys eh!

First subject: PHL5 Christian Ethics. our professor is Ms. Estrella Sanchez. Not long when she entered the room, she made us copy our first assignment. I exclaimed inside my mind, “WHAT THE HELL!!! First subject assignment agad.”

HAHAHA….That’s all the fiascos that happened to me that day.

top 5 korean celebs

5. epik high

Epik High Members

  • Tablo (Sun-Woong Lee) (English name: Daniel Armand Lee)
  • Mithra Jin (Jin Choi)
  • DJ Tukutz (Jung-Shik Kim)

this boy band has a great voice and they arevery good in rapping. i like their songs. some of my favorite on their songs are ‘fan’, ‘one minute, one second’, ‘one’, etc.


threesome huh???


4. IU a.k.a. Lee Ji Eun (이지은), IU (아이유)

Nothing much i know about her; she’s not that famous…haha…i just saw her performance on “music bank’ on KBS World yesterday night. she had a very childish voice and it makes me laugh…haha(like this)…however, her voice is still charming though.


childish face too! right???


3. boa

i don’t know she’s included in my top 5, i only like her songs…i’m not saying that she’s not beautiful, i just don’t feel her beauty — she’s not my type. she has a high definition voice though. if she joins american idol, i think, she’ll win…hahaha


i’ll change my statement…she’s verybeautiful..hahaha


2. hara

actually, i don’t like the girl group where she belongs, but for the sake of my BELOVED COUSIN (eksi), she’ll be my top 2…haha

5no comment

1.  ahn so hee

Stage name: So Hee 소희
Full name: Ahn So Hee 안소희
Birthdate: June 27th, 1992

she is amember of the korean girl group wonder girls. i like her because she’s the cutest among the other members of that group.



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