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so highschool v.1.2.0

So many times that i’m alone
Only myself is like my home.
Like the stillness of my life be,
I‘m like a person that don’t breathe.
Time cannot heal this broken soul
Under my skin
beneath down low.
Doing things all just by myself
Everything’s done without your help!


This poem was made during my Religion class in HS. I was bored that time. When my teacher asked what am i writing, i said “Sir, everything that you are talking about”. I was then a good liar.

so high school v1.0.0

i tried to smile
but my heart keeps crying,
i think for a while
but my mind’s not working

I tried to show that i’m strong
but deep inside i’m weak,
i thoght life is just a song
but now that song is just a trick

i tried to live my life
but my life is not worth living
if  you’re not here at my side
my world ceases moving

when you go away
something will be missing
it’s like i’m writing
with no trace of feeling

i pretend that i don’t feel something
something like loving you
i’m so stupid of not showing anything
because, now, it’s too late to love you

if you leave me now
my heart will break into pieces
i hope you realize it somehow
because my love for you never ceases

if you’re not the one whom i deserve
and your love is not for me,
even though i don’t have the nerve
i’d strive harder to prove that i should be.

A saved poem back when i was on HS. Not to mention that my mom burned tons of them. Errrrr…So highschool

Ramvil Farmville

Haha. Just having a pun with her name.







I thought it was unfair. Being awake for 2 weeks; no sleep each day and each night. Go to school and study in the morning till night, work in the evening up to morning next day… That was the redundant repetitive story of my life then.

As a political science student, justice is a big thing for me. If i focus more on work i will neglect studies: if i focus more on studies, i will neglect work. I really don’t know what to choose, but the general statement resounds in my head that “I chose two gods and I must serve both gods equally”. It is really hard to balance my studies and work. But whatever i do, i always feel like i’m playing. I really can’t be serious…

But then I had this girl who is a kind-stern-hearted person who used to be my trainer. She’s so good and mean. I don’t know what should be the exact word to define her but i know that i follow all of her orders. Power. She has the power over me and i don’t know why i am so compelled to follow. Everything she says, i believe. Even if it’s a joke, i take it seriously.

The funny thing about her is that I find her cute whenever she’s mad. But as time goes by, it hurts me more when she reprimands me. It started when i accidentally broke her I.D. ridge. It’s not my fault that it just happened that it is not that durable.

Last week of training. It was our nesting. I got a commendation from one of the customers. The sad part, it is very un-commendable. I made a very stupid mistake in reissuing his reservation. And here comes my favorite part, she scolded me again. (T_T). OMG, she is so cccuuuuttteee, i can still remember her face. Moving on, i tried to play with my calls. I was unaware that she is listening to my call — as usual– she did it again.

Bakit ba favorite niya akong pagalitan?

The last night of nesting, she texted me, she told me something sweet (ayiiee). She explained why she always gets mad at me. Of course i will not tell the reason in this post.

Just a little clue, according to her one time,  i resemble his ex-bf.



today, aug 14 2010, by the power i invested to myself, i declare that all of my posts will be open to public.

gees. no more passwords in some selected post.

no more secrets.