everything dead

I’ve proven my theory. So now it’s true that nothing in this world is permanent; even love, friendship, life, etc. will all be gone. Some say that people don’t actually go, they just change their roles. I think it’s just a “pampalubag-loob” and it doesn’t really states a fact. They figuratively go and leave you behind forever. Sometimes they also literally go. They die… Die within us.

The sad thing is, my promise is dying…or already dead. I had this stupid promise to keep my wordpress account alive. But now, it takes time before i open it; it takes time before i compose another blog.

However, if you lose some; you win some. If you win some; you lose some. I may don’t have weekly posts, i have something special in return. If blogging brings happiness to me, this “someone” brings euphoria. The sad part? we are still not accepted by everyone, especially our family.

OMG!!!This post is a crap…haha…I really can’t focus into this because there are so many distractions round me right now. In a nutshell, this blog’s topic is no really for something dying. Moreover, This blog will be edited again. I will publish it though.

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  1. I would have to apologize & concede. Nothing in this world is permanent. All good things must come to an end. And I am sorry if even “me” could not be exempted from that category of people who have to leave. It is perhaps my agony to have engaged in an ethos of “whatever-it-takes” for you and for people. And I am no more. I am dying. There’s nothing left of me. I’ve tried, my friend. I’ve tried. But I have to go. I have to go… I’m so sorry.

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