Just after wathching the video, i remembered that…


I’ve always tried to show what i really feel. But i steel feel like i’m wearing a mask. It’s an involuntary thing that i smile or laugh when I’m sad or angry. Besides, i cry when i’m angry.


Until now, i still don’t know what’s the purpose of my life. Thus, i don’t know what i’m doing this things in my life. I don’t know why i cry, laugh, love, toil, pout, shout, study, sleep, eat, WRITE, etc. (of course i do all of these because it’s necessary for my life, but there must be a deeper and more profound reason why i should live). For many people, writing has a purpose, maybe they want to point something and worse…change the world through writing (no offense guys). I envy them.. Buti pa sila may dahilan kung bakit… Maybe i just write just to vent emotional magma so i can relieve emotional pains.




  1. sysiongkiao Said:

    to ponder the mystery is a gift in itself

  2. RAM Calderon used to ask me… How to go about living? She wants to have more money. But then I point out, material things and material happiness — provide a “good” that is “fleeting, transitory and impermanent”. Only “PURPOSE” provides lasting imprints on ourselves. Then she asks further, how do I know my purpose? What I do say then is: one’s purpose is dependent on his or her heart. And it is only thru EXPERIENCES, living & suffering, becoming mature, and going thru the rounds, that one’s heart will by automatic decide “what am I here for”… There are people who are gifted who from a very early have “decided” what to do for the rest of their lives. While there’s a whole majority who seem to go about not know what they are here for. It need not be so complex thou — “follow your heart, and never turn back”. Listen to your heart. It longs for something — that’s your purpose.

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