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The guy in the video is so stupid. We can’t blame him because we are also like that. We look away whenever what we’re searching for is in front of us.

Whenever someone (whom i don’t like) discloses her feelings for me, i tend to make ‘dedma’ of her feelings. Kunwari hindi ko napapansin, ayaw ko naman kasi sa kanya eh. In return as a karma, whenever i attempt to reveal my feelings for the one i really love, she professed not heard.

Just like Bob Ong said…”Wag kang malungkot kung hindi ka gusto ng taong mahal mo, may mga nagmamahal din naman sayo na hindi mo gusto.” But still it hurts. So what should i do? Love and pain always go hand in hand…Dami talaga alam ni Bob Ong.