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Frederick, or simply Fred, is in his 4th and last year of studying in a university. He is among those low profile regular students, those students who are very happy to get a final grade of 3.00 in every subject, neither intelligent nor dumb. He’s came from a middle class family. Though not so poor, studying in a university is still a burden for them.

He had so many problems in his life. The most problematic for him is his “face”. He would define his face as “freaky. That’s why his friends call him ‘freak Fred’. However, he always dream of dating beautiful girls. He was so in love with a very beautiful girl, Fleur.

Fleur is Fred’s classmate. She’s the most beautiful girl Fred has ever seen. She had no problem with love because a battalion of crazy suitors keep following her all the time. The only problem with her is that she has never been contented. It may seem impossible to please her.

In school, although they are not so close with each other, they always see and greet each other.

As a very vocal person, Fred asked Fleur a million times just to get her cell number. As soon as he got Fleur’s cell number, he didn’t waist time, he asked her on a date at a time. Fleur, quite woozy, agreed on Fred’s proposal.

On the day of their date, Fred gave Fleur a bouquet of flowers, chocolates, teddy bear, etc. Not to mention that the expense came from Fred’s lifetime savings. Fleur thanked him, however in her mind, she like to throw those gifts away in his face.

The date has gone smoothly. They watched a movie where Fleur just slept on, they ate on a high class restaurant where Fleur almost ordered everything but didn’t ate.

After the date when they are about to part ways, Fred begged Fleur if she could gave him a chance. He begged her that even if she has so many BFs, he is still willing to become one of them. He will be the happiest person to be with her even if she’ll doesn’t show any love for him. Even if she won’t treat him seriously and nicely, he still wants her to be his girlfriend. Even if he knows that she’ll play with his heart, he will still love her. Miraculously, Fleur took pity on him.

As days go by, Fleur was still unhappy with Fred being one of her boyfriends. She’s so shy that she can’t tell Fred the truth that she want to broke-up with him. Until one time, she cannot bear the sufferings anymore. She treats Fred so much with distaste. She planned to drive him to break-up with him ASAP, or else she’ll dump him. She did her best to hurt Fred. Fred, being such a dumb, didn’t mind the pain that he feels with Fleur. Fleur can’t take it anymore so she made it up to him that she want to end their relationship. She said so many bad words to him to drive him away.

That was saddest part of Fred’s life.

One day, while Fleur is driving, an accident happened. Her car crashed by a truck driven by a drunk driver. The accident happened in a crowded place so she was rushed to the hospital immediately. Her condition was reported to her family. So the family then rushed to the hospital where she has been confined.

The doctor’s findings was awful. One of Fleur’s vital organs has been so much damaged. Fleur will certainly die soon if her heart has not been replaced.


After 3 days, Fleur woke up! She still doesn’t feel well but she can remember everything. Her family and doctor told her what her condition was. She might have died. But one big question filled her mind, who gave her this heart? No one answered her question.

She then saw a letter stuck in her pillow. She opened it, then read it. To her surprise, the letter was from Fred saying that:

“I don’t know how to please you and i don’t have anything to give. I love you.”

After reading that simple letter, she cried. She now realized that the one that she thought that will be the reason of her death, gave her life. The one that she despised, gave her love. The heart that loves her so much is now a part of her. The heart that she broke, became her heart that will sustain her own life…