top 5 persons i want to meet in hell

I don’t know where my soul (if i have one) would go after i die. However, it is more likely to go to hell. Just in case i’m right, i want to see some persons there. So here they go.

5. Hitler


He’s an idol. He rules…right?

4. Nero


Did he really burned Rome?

3. Michael Jackson

new-michael-lookSorry guys, but if in case we meet in hell, I’ll be the happiest person on hell.

2. Brit

Britney_spearsShe’s not yet dead but we will meet there…we’ll just wait for each other.


pgmaI have no hard feelings for her. In fact, i like her. haha


  1. How about Leibniz? The rival of Newton. Leibniz has his own version of the calculus, spacetime theory and stuff. This made Newton so angry. Oops… sorry, I’ve just commented this because I’m in the Soc. Sci. while studying Nat. Sci.!!!

  2. camille Said:

    In case you’ll die any time, err, I’ll kill PGMA for you. Haha! Wait her there, okay?

  3. Am going back to blogging.

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