I’m Scared Again

Last Saturday, i attended my very interesting P.E. which is Social Dancing. It was so fun. I don’t know how to dance but i enjoyed dancing every time i attend this P.E. The scary part? My partner…WTF!!! She’s really scary. Not just because of her face, she’s scary because of her attitude and morbid thoughts. She looks like a mild monster with a very monstrous attitude. Yeah, more likely to be an “ogre. I don’t know how can i survive this whole semester having her as a partner. She’s the girl unthinkable and have wouldn’t even exist in my so brilliant mind.

At first, she’s really in to me. As the classes goes by, i made it obvious that I’m really not happy having her as a partner. And the result was really good! Her heart was broken and she made a point that she also don’t want to be my partner. No I’m not bad, I’m just being honest that time. Another theory of mine have been proven.

My next theory that will be tested states that ” she will be forced to find another partner“. And if she does, i will be the happiest person on earth.

Well, so much for despising that person. BTW, her name is Kelly. I don’t know her whole name and i don’t know if it’s her real name or not. Mind you, I’m not bad, I’m just being honest okay?


  1. tol, ligawan mu na yang partner mu… Joke!!!

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