I’m Scared

scaredScaredy Cat

Since the first day of classes, I always find some of my new classmates, especially my seatmates, scary…literally and figuratively scary. They are scary because i can imagine something on their faces. I know it’s bad to think that way but they really are scary. Not ‘ugly’, ‘SCARY’

Everyday i always go through with it. I don’t know why I’m thinking this way. Their faces are so-so but still intimidating for me.

Okay, i will include their nicknames so that they will know that I’m scared because of them. They are: Angelie, Nichelle, Marianne, and the girl in my left side that always unintentionally fell her things. Wow, they really scare me to death!

In the case of Marianne, when you look at her, she’s not really scary. In fact she has a very angelic face. She’s white, cute, small, and the like. I’m scared of her because of her terrorist ate. The reason why i’m scared of her and her ate? I’m not telling.

I don’t know how to deal with my feelings, but i must not be like this forever. They are my classmates so i must love them wholeheartedly even though i can’t.


  1. You’re scared of girls!?! Oh?! You shouldn’t be! Laugh out loud. I’m scared of gays!!!

  2. Ooh! I remember Macay! You’re scared of her? Hehehe. She’s actually the kindest soul you can ever meet. Also with a pretty face. And a beautiful mind. Hehehe.

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