Who Should I Love

My classmates last time are talking about theRIPHeartAnimationir “dream girl.” I don’t know why people like them set standards to the one that they should love. For them, a person must be rich, appealing, kind, sexy, beautiful — perfect. Isn’t it very idealistic? We all know that nobody is perfect. We also know that beauty is subjective. So how would they know if a girl/boy match their standards?

What’s the logic of setting those standards if in the future those standards will not be followed?

I always hear people say that “love moves in mysterious ways”and i know it’s very cliche. though cliche, it has a very good point that love always comes to us by surprise and we don’t know who will we love in the future. So for me, i don’t need to set a standard to the one that i must/should love.



  1. Love is something that cares. You give. You share. You try. You extend. There is logical love. Love based on material earthly standards. And there is emotional irrational love… love that is so mysterious, you don’t know how it is? Why do you get attracted like a magnet so powerful that even non metals get attached. This is love. I have not found it. Have you?

  2. camille Said:

    Love doesn’t have to be ideal anyway. When it comes, everything falls into place. Maybe not the ideal, or the perfect one, but it would be the right one. And that makes it perfect and ideal. 🙂

    Haha! Nakita niya na yung kanya. Ako hindi pa. 😛

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